PDT Mask

The Nuderm LED Mask has been designed to be used in conjunction with the other elements on the Nuderm System as an added boost or as an individual procedure in its own right, Using light waves, which are transmitted via our carefully designed LED technology it penetrates various different colors of the light spectrum deep into the Dermis.

The light activates photo receptors in skin cells, produces energy for absorption, which will in turn help minimize the aging process and effectively turn back time.

Recent studies show that when light enters the body as (energy) its absorbed by the photo receptors within cells. This process is what makes the Nuderm LED Mask one of the very best and non invasive ways of combating various signs of aging.

Light Therapy is also known to be extremely effective in the way it can fight various Aesthetic issues, for instance, inhibiting the formation of melanin pigment, fighting acne and dermatitis, and improving the look of pockmarks, scars and wrinkles.

LED Light Therapy Mask

If you already have a Nuderm System that does not have the Nuderm PDT mask function already built in, then please call our Head Office on 0845 0945 120 for more information on how to offer the treatment to your clients